• Collaborative Visual Planning Tool Dreamler

    Handle complexity through visual planning

    As a project manager, have you ever experienced problems with project plans made on gut feeling, without figuring out the best way of doing things, or how people and activities are dependent on each other? Most…

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  • Visual Project Overview

    Visual Project Overview in Dreamler

    In Dreamler you can go from a detailed view of one single activity to a full visual project overview, simply by zooming out. But how does one take a map of thousands of building blocks and make it into…

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  • #5C5C5C

    Get early Dreamler access

    Last week we gave away early access to a few new enthusiastic people. Dreamler is already a great tool for visual planning, although it is not yet fully self-explanatory. We have been working with a few…

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  • Enterprise Summit

    Dreamler @ Web Summit

    Last week we took off to Dublin to attend to Web Summit – one of the biggest tech events in Europe. We had a really good time. During the first day at the summit we checked…

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  • #966DF8

    New UI Design Explorations

    Jean, our brilliant user experience designer, has recently been exploring new ways of editing activity details in Dreamler. Here is a video showing some of his ideas. Note that these are only ideas at this point, i.e. not…

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  • Managing Complex Change in The Swedish Public Sector

    Managing Complex Change In The Swedish Public Sector

    We are working with four public bodies that are organizing cooperation between various Swedish authorities to improve the situation of long-term unemployed people (read more about it here). We have recently had a workshop with Finsam…

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  • Web Summit Alpha

    Chosen For Web Summit

    Web Summit is one of the most influential and international tech events in Europe. Last year over 10 000 people attended, including business leaders from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Box and over 60% of the Fortune 500.…

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  • Visual Task Management

    New Release Out

    We are releasing a new version of our visual planning tool. A number of brave souls have been testing our alpha versions to help us develop Dreamler into something great. It is still not available for the public…

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  • demonstore

    Knowledge Management in the Public Sector

    Our company motto says: We are creating a tool for doers with big ideas. We are currently working with four different Swedish coordinating bodies (Samordningsförbund) who are organising the cooperation between various Swedish authorities, i.e., the Social…

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  • real time networking architecture

    Dreamler Preview

    Here is a little something for you to watch while waiting for the first release of Dreamler. It shows a work in progress user interface. Even though it is not a final design, it still gives you…

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