Visual Project Overview

Visual Project Overview in Dreamler

In Dreamler you can go from a detailed view of one single activity to a full visual project overview, simply by zooming out. But how does one take a map of thousands of building blocks and make it into something that’s meaningful from a zoomed-out level? Jean, our UX designer, is currently exploring how to enhance the project overview in Dreamler. The image above shows one of his most recent ideas.

The idea is inspired by night time city landscapes. Each time you zoom out, the background color gets a little darker. When you have zoomed out completely it is black. That way it should be easier for you to see where the action is on the project map, even if you are fully zoomed out. The red, white and green shining dots are beacons showing alerts, messages and user action.

These are of course just ideas at this stage. Though, in the near future you can look forward to some cool visual changes in the zoomed-out overview levels in Dreamler.


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