For clarity, we have split our privacy policy into two parts.

  1. Privacy policy for visitors to this website, (this document)
  2. Privacy policy for registered users of the Dreamler service (link)

This Policy may be amended as new features, technology or legal requirements arise so please check back from time to time.

Type of information we collect

When you visit any website, you automatically give some information to that website. Our website is no exception. We collect the following:

  • Your IP address (for example
  • The date&time of your visit (for example 2017-12-31 23:59:59)
  • Which web browser and version you are using (for example Chrome)
  • The URL address of the page you are visiting (for example
  • The URL address of the page you came here from (for example
  • Any cookies from your previous visit(s) (you can opt out of this, see below for more on cookies)

What we use this information for

  • To aid with troubleshooting any technical problems with this website
  • For aggregating into anonymous visitor statistics. For example:
    • Number of visitors per day
    • Number of visitors per blog post
    • Number of visitors per blog post per month
    • What percentage of visitors sign up to become users of the Dreamler service

Who else also gets this information?

Our website uses some 3rd-party services who also automatically get the above information. They are:

  • Microsoft Azure (they host our website)
  • Google Fonts (used for nice typography on this website)
  • Google Analytics (used for visitor statistics)
  • (used for visitor statistics)
  • (used for social media share buttons in our blog posts)

Where we store this information

Our public website is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud servers in Ireland. On the virtual server, we store the information in plain-text log files.

The aforementioned 3rd-party services store the information elsewhere according to their respective policies.

Retention policy – How long we store the information

We delete raw data from the aforementioned plain-text log files after 2 months. We keep the aggregated, anonymous visitor statistics forever. Note that there is no personally identifiable information left in these statistics.

The aforementioned 3rd-party services retain the information according to their respective privacy policies.

Our use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies. These cookies vary in purpose. Some are necessary for the basic functionality of the site, while others help provide an optimal experience, or help improve our services. Cookies are a choice, and the types of cookies you permit can be set as a preference in your web browser. If you reject cookies, you may still visit our site, but you will not be able to sign up and log in as a registered user of the Dreamler service.

How can I contact Dreamler?

Dreamler welcomes your feedback regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have questions, comments or concerns about this Policy, please contact us by email at or postal mail at:
Dreamler AB
Drottninggatan 112 A
113 60 Stockholm