• World's first computer bug

    New patch 1.10.3 fixes lurking bugs in Dreamler

    We’re currently focusing our efforts on what we call Dreamler 2.0, which will be a major overhaul / redesign, incorporating a ton of feedback from customers. We’ll write more about that later. But of course we…

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  • Font Rendering

    Font Rendering

    Dreamler has always been intended to be a real-time native application, with 60 frames per second hardware accelerated graphics and real-time networking. It is technically very much the same as a typical modern PC-game. The core…

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  • TNW badge

    Chosen for The Next Web Europe’s boost program

    In January we got a call from a guy working for The Next Web (TNW) Europe who told us that Dreamler had been shortlisted for Boost, TNW’s startup growth program. So, we put together an application…

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