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New Release: Light & dark color theme, Easier chat & Sorting of boards

We are happy to present a brand new release of the Dreamler web-app. This version includes a features that align our web-app more with our mobile apps. For example new beautiful colours in a dark and light theme and a easier chat feature helping the user to reply and communicate with the team-mates. This blog-post present the features in detail.

Dark Theme

Some people prefer dark backgrounds, others prefer light backgrounds. You can now switch between these two color themes in the User Settings.

user settings

Improved chat features

Up until now, Dreamler used to have two types of chat:

  • One type when you clicked the “Chat” button in the main menu. This was a single long list of messages, from and to all participants on the board. Each board had its own chat.
  • Another type when you zoomed in to an activity / milestone. Meant for discussions about that specific activity.

A problem with the activity messages was that they were kinda hard to find. Questions often didn’t get timely replies because the recipient didn’t notice them. So now, to make them easier to find, we added a new “Messages” button in the main menu. This opens a list with all the messages from all activities that should be relevant to you. Which activities are considered relevant here?

  • Activities that you are assigned to, i.e. they show up in “Me”, and next to your name in “Participants”.
  • Activities where you have previously sent at least one message.
  • Activities where someone else has mentioned you with the “@” sign, for example @Maria.

In the list, you can either single-click the activity to expand its messages in-line, or double-click it to jump to its position on the gameboard surface.

new message panel

The aforementioned board chat was never used much by our customers. We believe that the new system is better and that it would be confusing to have two different chat buttons in the main menu, so in this release we removed the board chat.

The Dreamler webapp chat messages used to have an annoying limitation – they couldn’t be longer than 3 lines. Even worse, there was a discrepancy between the webapp and the Android and Iphone apps where you could type chat messages without the 3 line limit. Today’s webapp release removes the 3-line-limitation. Enjoy the freedom!

We also improved the vertical scrolling, that is, when an activity has a lot of messages inside. In most other apps, you could scroll such a list with the mouse wheel or touchpad, but in Dreamler, such actions would instead zoom in or out on the gameboard. But starting today, as long as you hold the mouse cursor inside the message area, you can scroll with the mouse wheel just as you’d expect.


New sorting feature

If you participate in several boards, this one’s for you. On the “My Boards” page, the boards used to always be sorted alphabetically. In today’s new release, you can choose to instead sort by time of last change. The most recently changed board will be first in the list. This picks up any small change, for example new chat messages.

new sorting features


Misc small bugfixes

We changed the behaviour of activity start/end dates to more closely match other calendar apps, like Google calendar. Now, if you change the start date, the end date will automatically get pushed forward or backward by the relevant number of days.

When an activity or milestone had an uploaded picture, there was supposed to be an “X” button which you could click to delete the picture. This button existed in the old native desktop Dreamler, but was missing in the webapp. This bug is fixed now.

If an activity or milestone title contained a link to a website, for example, and you wanted to click&drag to move the activity, but you accidentally hit the link, it would open in your web browser. This was a bug which is now fixed.



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