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New patch 1.10.3 fixes lurking bugs in Dreamler

We’re currently focusing our efforts on what we call Dreamler 2.0, which will be a major overhaul / redesign, incorporating a ton of feedback from customers. We’ll write more about that later. But of course we can’t completely ignore the existing software.

The Dreamler versioning scheme means that this release, functionally, has the same features as 1.10. The last number after the dot means that this is a “patch” – no new features, just the following bugfixes:

  • A rare (but very annoying) bug has lurked in Dreamler ever since we changed our networking layer in version 1.7. Sometimes, when several users where active on the same gameboard at the same time, one of the users would suddenly no longer see what the others were doing. The only available fix used to be to close and restart the application. Since remote real-time interaction is one of the main selling points of Dreamler, this bug obviously was very bad, but catching it proved to be surprisingly time-consuming. Now we’ve finally solved it, hooray!
  • Some of our customers have tried to run Dreamler on laptops with old graphics cards, especially one called “Intel HD Graphics 2500“, but it was not compatible – Dreamler would just crash immediately after start, without any helpful error message. Now we believe that we have fixed this bug and made Dreamler compatible with that graphics card, but we can’t be sure, because we don’t have any such laptop to test on! If you own such a laptop, you are very welcome to try this release and report back to us whether it worked or not.
  • In the comments/chat inside an activity, the placeholder text says
    Type the @ symbol to notify a specific teammate, for example @Maria
    This did not work properly. You could type @Maria, but your teammate would not get notified in any way. Now your teammate will get notified with an animated circle on that activity.
  • In the User Settings list of keyboard shortcuts, we added a missing keyboard shortcut for “Cursor hints”.
  • When you are quite zoomed out on a gameboard, and then point your mouse cursor at a group inside another group, it used to be the case that both groups would light up. Now only the innermost group gets highlighted, which makes more sense and hopefully improves visibility.
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