Pop-out group titles

New version 1.10: Better Visual Overview

It’s been a while! After some time spent on internal restructuring, the Dreamler team is back in full production and we’re excited to bring you a much-requested feature update. Expect more frequent releases going forward.

One of the challenges in working with complex projects is being able to quickly see and understand large-scale flow-structures — the bigger a gameboard gets, the harder it is to see what’s happening. To this end, we’ve focused this release on enhancing Dreamler’s visual overview, tweaking existing features as well as introducing a new one:

  • The big new feature in Dreamler 1.10 — You can now put groups inside of other groups, stacked in as many levels as you want.

    Groups in groups

  • When you move a “parent” group, all the “children” groups will follow.
  • Simply dragging a group into another will make it a child of that group.
  • To remove it from a group, hold Shift while dragging.

We hope this will help our customers make their boards easier to work with and more organized.

Other notable improvements include:

  • Improved visibility and legibility of smaller group titles when zoomed out of a project with a large amount of groups
  • Enlarged group titles
  • Immediate display of a large number of group titles (as many as can fit without overlap)

    Pop-out group titles

  • When zoomed out far, pointing your mouse at a milestone or checkpoint will now show the title as soon as you hit the diamond shape (as one would expect), instead of needing to hit the tiny underlying milestone exactly

    Hitting a milestone "diamond" shape with the mouse pointer

  • Warning messages in the chat/comments list are now visually distinct from ones in normal messages – they have a small red warning triangle
  • Moving a group will now be highlighted by a thin white outline, providing better visual feedback when interacting with groups
  • And many other minor improvements and bug fixes

Thanks for being a Dreamler user!

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