Nyréns Architects: We wouldn’t be able to do this without Dreamler

Two weeks ago we published an article about the newest additions to our family: Nyréns Architects and Skolforum. Both companies want to use Dreamler to successfully implement a visual approach to running their businesses. They aim to operationalize their business strategies and strengthen employee engagement and participation for better results. The two companies have signed up for our Get Started package and will go through a five step process, guided by a senior manager at Dreamler.

Last week, Mathias Gullbrandson (CEO at Dreamler) and I (Olof Hägglund) kickstarted a group of 14 people at Nyréns. They will be using Dreamler in a project in order to improve their strategic market planning, focusing on three key accounts. Here’s a review of the workshop.

The workshop kicked off with Mathias giving a presentation on one of the big challenges facing today’s organizations: companies spend 40-75% of their time on internal communication. He addressed the reasons for these high numbers, namely that organisations spend large amounts of time processing information and obtaining data in order to reduce uncertainty and interpret ambiguous situations. This is why people spend  so much time on meetings and emails. Mathias finished the presentation by talking about how visual management and a tool like Dreamler increases communication and information processing capabilities within an organization.

Mathias GullbrandsonNyréns Architects Dreamler ReviewNyréns Architects Dreamler Review

Mathias and Jens Almström, a Business Director at Nyréns, had prepared a project in Dreamler for the strategic market plan earlier during the week. They created a rough plan with milestones, goals, and key activities, which gave the group a framework of where to put their own tasks into the mix. After a few short instructions on how to use Dreamler, the participants divided into smaller groups and started detailing the plan to make it operational.

The group used the last hour to reflect on the workshop and Mathias and I were really happy about the reactions. One of the participants put it in a very delicate way:

“We wouldn’t be able to do this without Dreamler. It wouldn’t be possible to create a strategic plan that we can actually use for communication and reporting when implementing it. All of us can share a common overview and everybody can participate.”

These are the kind of reviews we love to get, because it’s exactly what we created Dreamler for.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated about the progress we make. In two weeks from now, we’ll also have a first workshop with the communications agency Combined — these are exciting times for sure!   

Get in touch with philip@dreamler.com if  you’d like to know more about our Get Started package for companies. We would love to have more people involved in our mission to make more big ideas become real. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nyréns Architects Dreamler ReviewNyréns Architects Dreamler Review
Nyréns Architects Dreamler ReviewNyréns Architects Dreamler WorkshopNyréns Architects Dreamler Workshop


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