Collaborative Visual Planning Tool Dreamler

Welcome to Dreamler

We are proud to announce the soft launch of Dreamler (early-stage Beta): an intuitive visual workflow that harnesses the agility and visibility of multiplayer gaming to help you realize any project.

Individuals, project teams, businesses and organizations… Everybody has dreams, aspirations and goals. But far too many come to an end or lose their direction in the gap between inspiration and realization.

The problems are familiar: not knowing where to begin, not knowing what comes next, vague goals and milestones, lack of support, out-of-sync collaborators, dull project management tools, all conspire against actually getting things done.

With Dreamler our aim is to make it easy and fun to define, plan, understand, and successfully bring to fruition any type of project, irrespective of scope, number of collaborators or size.

In essence, we are redefining “project management” by creating a pleasing and inspiring experience more akin to playing a collaborative multiplayer game.

While the fundamental Dreamler environment, such as the multiplayer real-time game board is in place and functioning, other features, design elements and game mechanics are still being developed. Contact to get instructions for how to access to our early-stage beta.

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