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We Help Implement Visual Management Within Your Business


All companies want to become more efficient in operations and implementing strategic initiatives. And the research on the subject surely agrees; companies spend 40-75% of their time communicating around tasks, products, and concepts. At Dreamler we want to make team collaboration much more efficient by unifying strategic goals with operative tasks.

In just five days we help your organization to spark this transformation process.

We primarily sell Dreamler as a subscription based self-service tool, where customers get started by themselves. However, one company after another have started to ask us for guidance in the process to connect strategy and operations through a visual approach.

So we created an offer. It’s not written in stone but normally the offer goes something like this:

Package: Get started with Visual Management

  • 5 days of professional services; coaching and workshop
  • 20 annual subscriptions
  • Price: 70,000 SEK (7500 EUR)

Those days of professional services can be done by phone calls, skype sessions, and/or workshops; all depending on your needs and wishes. Remember, this process is not for you to learn how to use the Dreamler app but rather to develop and implement your visual management capabilities.

Usually the first day is a one on one session with the project manager to set up goals, discuss methodology and decide on participants (read enthusiasts). We also create a rough plan in Dreamler for the project.

“My first reaction was wow, and then oh! In many ways Dreamler has granted me a wish: to be able to visually plan, work efficiently and follow up. It was fun but at the same time painful; I’ve realized that I need to change the way I work to achieve higher efficiency and hopefully get better results.
– Helena Conning, Combined (a Swedish communication agency)

The next step is about introducing the whole project team to Dreamler and visual management. A senior manager at Dreamler holds a presentation on visual management and Dreamler.

Then after a few minutes of helping the team to use the software, we start working. The project team starts to detail the pre-configured rough plan. Strategic goals and operative tasks are mapped out and connected on the same project board.

Dreamler Combined

Photo taken in workshop with the communication agency Combined

The forthcoming three days of professional services varies from case to case depending on your needs.

Make sure to contact philip@dreamler.com if you’re interested in the Get Started package. We would love to have more people involved in our mission to make more big ideas become real. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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