Meet the crew

There are currently eleven doers in the Dreamler crew. Read about us below.

Mathias GullbrandsonMathias Gullbrandson, Founder
Age: 41
Interests: Dreamler, techno music, The Boarderland, Burning man,  and innovative ventures
Dreams about: Removing the hurdles of dream realization
Skills: Storytelling, game making and service design
Thomas WingateThomas Wingate, Founder
Age: 41
Interests: Downhill mountain biking, Digging trails, Food chemistry and Solving big problems that really matter
Dreams about: Even bigger dreams and really tough problems
Skills: Level 80 Everything
Carl MagnussonCarl Magnuson, Founder
Age: 39
Interests: Exploration and adventures, redesigning stale industries, solving “real” problems
Dreams about: Living deliberately, experiencing everything at least once
Skills: Getting things started, seeing possibilities, making things pretty
mad300Madeleine Bengtsson, Project Manager
Age: 37
Interests: Colour, patterns, tiling, music, movies and crossfit.
Dreams about: A life in a campervan and a world without racism.
Skills: Combining colors, to organize and double unders.

Samuel ZayasSamuel Zayas, Lead Back-end Developer
Age: 36
Interests: Music, Computers, Games, Space, The Universe and Everything
Dreams about: Space, The Universe and Everything.
Skills: Inbred computer nerd. Quake 2 European Champ!

Johannes NornebyJohannes Norneby, Lead Front-end Developer
Age: 39
Interests: Music, Games, Software and everything techno-creatively associated to those things
Dreams about: Peace, Love and Happiness
Skills: An all-encompassing pragmatic drive to get things done.
Karina BunyikKarina Bunyik, Data Engineer
Interests: Twitter, pilates. taekwondo, autonomous robots, parallel programming
Dreams about:
 Large amounts of data without privacy issues
Data mining, machine learning, map-reduce, programming, language technology
John Barbero UnengeJohn Barbero Unenge, Front-end Developer
Age: 23
Interests: Retro games, cute cats and clever code
Dreams about: Clever cats, cute games and retro code
Skills: Fixing stuff, breaking stuff
JeanJan Pichot, UX Designer
Age: 41
Interests: Blips and beeps, analog frequencies, and typography
Dreams in: Low poly with ambient occlusion
Skills: Can work on very little sleep
Olof HägglundOlof Hägglund, Marketing Manager
Age: 25
Interests: Fantasy, Sci fi and horror movies
Dreams about: Making a movie about killer fungi
Skills: Marketing, badminton and shrimp peeling
Emil HallEmil Hall, Front-end Developer
Games, weight lifting, physics, fractals, economic systems, gardening
Dreams about:
Making computer programming accessible to everybody
Endurance, clarifying and breaking fuzzy problems down into well-defined pieces




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