Managing Complex Change in The Swedish Public Sector

Managing Complex Change In The Swedish Public Sector

We are working with four public bodies that are organizing cooperation between various Swedish authorities to improve the situation of long-term unemployed people (read more about it here).

We have recently had a workshop with Finsam Helsingborg. We introduced a new project group to Dreamler. They are working on a long-term (6 years) complex change management project. They are trying to restructure the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan), the Public Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen), The Municipality of Helsingborg (Helsingborgs Kommun) and the Medical Center of Drottninghög (Vårdcentralen), to improve the life of the citizens of Drottninghög. The rest of Sweden will come next.

Complex Change Management

Mathias from Dreamler shows how to create visual project maps in the Dreamler application.

On this day Karin Herron Sjöholm, who is an experienced project leader of Finsam projects, attended to share her knowledge with the two project leaders of this project. We used Dreamler as a platform for supporting this exchange. We addressed and visually planned two areas, such as how one should work with goals and visions and how one can inspire decision makers inside organizations. The project group will continue using Dreamler to interactively and visually map this ambitious project.

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