• demonstore

    Knowledge Management in the Public Sector

    Our company motto says: We are creating a tool for doers with big ideas. We are currently working with four different Swedish coordinating bodies (Samordningsförbund) who are organising the cooperation between various Swedish authorities, i.e., the Social…

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  • real time networking architecture

    Dreamler Preview

    Here is a little something for you to watch while waiting for the first release of Dreamler. It shows a work in progress user interface. Even though it is not a final design, it still gives you…

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  • Collaborative Visual Planning Tool Dreamler

    Welcome to Dreamler

    We are proud to announce the soft launch of Dreamler (early-stage Beta): an intuitive visual workflow that harnesses the agility and visibility of multiplayer gaming to help you realize any project. Individuals, project teams, businesses and…

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  • #5C5C5C

    Meet the crew

    There are currently eleven doers in the Dreamler crew. Read about us below. Mathias Gullbrandson, Founder Age: 41 Interests: Dreamler, techno music, The Boarderland, Burning man,  and innovative ventures Dreams about: Removing the hurdles of dream realization…

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    Six rules to simplify cooperation

    You really should watch this inspiring Ted talk by Yves Morieux about how to simplify cooperation for better realization in companies. If you have 12 minutes to spare you’re in for a treat, as Yves gives…

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