Dreamler Speed Goal

Summary of 2018 and full speed into 2019

The journey with Dreamler continues at full speed in 2019 with an end to 2018 that reached new heights!

Customer revenue increased by 160% in 2018 compared to 2017. It is worth mentioning that subscription revenues have more than doubled. We have also acquired several large customer development partnerships with long-term intention agreements, for example, healthcare and the construction industry. More are coming in!

During the last quarter I got the privilege of stepping in as CEO. We greatly increased marketing in the autumn of 2018. We also focused on large seminars. Dreamler had two in Gothenburg and one in Stockholm. Almost 100 participants in total at these seminars, which gave rings on the water and follow-up meetings. Keep an eye out, more will come in 2019. Our sales and market focus is very clear in 2019 and we are convinced that we will greatly increase revenues further.

We have a new pitch and package of Dreamler. With templates and implementation packages it is even clearer how good Dreamler supports work on solving the organizational challenges companies have. Dreamler is already an excellent tool for visualizing core business and processes at companies, but also in parallel with this create “Boards” to be agile and take advantage of initiatives. We now make this clear in our market offering.

Dreamler has also doubled its team, we have also a CTO on board. My background as new CEO is that I have been working with sales and management on a small IT company which was then sold to a larger group.

Product development is a core of the work we did in 2018 and will be even more important in 2019. We will regularly post here and tell you more about this.

We will continuously make customers, Dreamler friends and the Advisory Board participate in the important product development journey we are now doing in 2019.

Please contact me if you want ot know more or a presentation//
Erik Sundén, CEO & Partner

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