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We are in the midst of a digitally enabled transformation so profound that organizations, societies, communities, governments, and perhaps humanity itself will be fundamentally altered over the next decades. Leaders can no longer continue to fix and make changes to the status quo hierarchical organization design to achieve stability and short term competitive advantage in a world that changes even before they can implement the next initiative. Many are claiming to have the answer, but real solutions are just beginning to emerge”.

– STARlab, through William A. Pasmore, Professor Columbia University, NYC.

How should an organization be designed to be able to cope with the future?

If you are a leader in an organization that has found the answer to that questions we would like to learn from you. If you are someone who – like us at Dreamler – knows that the organizations of the future will need to operate in new ways and be based on new principles, but have yet to discover what that new shape of an organization would look like, we are eager to collaborate with you.

We don´t claim to have all the answers. We actually believe that no one does, at least not yet. But we are convinced that the future will need shape shifting organizations: highly adaptive, highly creative and led by purpose. We believe that we have enough knowledge, curiosity and ideas  to co-design that organization together with open, curious leaders.

We are offering a few clients an opportunity to develop a shape shifting organization in collaboration with the Dreamler team. That means both the opportunity to get support from highly experienced Dreamler consultants and the possibility to co-develop functions and features in the software.

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