Easy To Learn, Easy To Use

A complex world requires tools that don’t get in our way. Dreamler does not require a lot of prior knowledge. It is not a tool for PM experts, it is a communication tool for teams to collectively build better plans. Getting started with Dreamler is really easy, most users are up and running in 5-10 minutes.


Using the modelling wheel to add a new activity

Everybody Visually On The Same Page

Using a simple visual language, people work together in real-time to build a visual map of their project. Working this way it is much easier to understand how all the pieces of a project fit together and how to best achieve project goals. This is especially helpful for globally distributed teams. Here’s something more about how we design Dreamler.


Planned activities (blue) in between two milestones (pink)

Unify Strategic Goals With Operative Tasks And Communication

As you zoom out of a project map dynamic level of detail aggregates what you see into an overview image of how the whole project is doing, letting you quickly assess progress in relation to milestones and see any potential problems.

As you zoom in, more and more details are revealed. Fully zoomed in on an activity you can view all the details needed to execute the task, including detailed descriptions, responsible persons, associated documents and other resources. You can also discuss task details through a chat.

Dreamler makes it easy to get strategic visual plans and goals from the board-room Powerpoint presentation and combine with detailed operative plans and daily work.


Maximum zoomed out you can see groups of activities, milestones and alerts and chat messages


As you zoom in you can see activities, how they’re connected and their status colors


Zooming in closer reveals even more details


An activity with connected resources. The white circle to the right indicates new chat messages


As you zoom in even further, you can make edits and chat

Engaging User Experience

Engagement plays an important role in productivity in an organization or project. With this in mind we developed Dreamler to not only look good but also to be as effortless and dynamic as possible to use. Tools should not stand in the way of us collaborating smoothly–micro-interruptions can be a major flow-breaker. That’s why we built Dreamler using the same technology as real-time multiplayer games (think World of Warcraft). Delays in our real-time experience is measured in milliseconds!

Multiple people can access the same project board simultaneously from anywhere, experiencing other people’s actions as they happen. You see what they are currently working on, where they are on the map and what they look and point at.

This translates directly into a more responsive and engaging environment.


You can see what your teammates are looking and pointing at, making remote meetings more efficient

Dreamler is a bold move towards using a different type of data-structure and real-time games tech to visualize projects and augment collaboration between people. For any team, large globally distributed or small and local, to work dynamically with the least amount of waste they need an adaptable, clear, easy to understand shared view of the project.